Workers Protest at BUA LASUCO

Mondays are usually a busy day for especially corporate entities like Lafiagi  BUA LASUCO where construction works are ongoing ahead of the company’s flagoff later this year but this Monday was different from all other ones owing to the fact that construction works were put on hold by both skilled and unskilled workers who came together to register their grievances over what they described as ill treatment by the management team of BUA LASUCO. 

The laborers who are a team of artisans with specialties in metal fabrications and welding, electricians, plumbers and a host of other artisanal workers according to the leader of the protesters have went through a lot of  undeserved treatment by their handlers at the factory, a development he said was reported to some senior officers from the communities in the ranks of the company with the hope that those informed elites will intervene on their behalf.

Some of the protesting workers holding placards with different inscriptions expressing their grievances and demands

It is important to note that most of all those recruited as laborers are indigenes who have been subjected to all kinds of unwholesome treatment at the facility.

They had amongst other things demanded the management of BUA LASUCO to consider an increment of their weekly wages which according to the laborers was no longer in tune with the current economic realities. This appeal for increment while they resume for work even on Sundays fell on deaf ears while those who insisted on the upward review of their wages were threatened with expulsion from the factory.

The laborers also complained of lack of provision of safety kits for seamless operations in the factory. They argued that their lives were being put in danger if the company cannot provide personal protective equipment such as hand gloves, rain boots, headgear, lab coats etc.

Part of their demands which as at the time of filing this report have not been attended to includes payment of extra costs for extra hours on Sundays which was out rightly rejected by the management. 

Having explored the peace option to dialogue with the management without any success, the laborers shutdown activities at the construction site of the company earlier today to press home their legitimate demands.

The management team later addressed the protesting workers and assured the angry mob that proper action will be taken before the end of next week.

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  1. Idris gutagi says:

    There is over cheating in Lasuco,we almost 30 in number that installed ,erect,and weld the whole refinery not was achieved due to poor and low wages the management usually paid to us in this poor and bad economy.infact we usually owned food sellers to the month ending which unfair.and when ever we had meetings with management they will said we are not working for Bua but sub contractors to Phenix and mks.

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