– Terry a O’Neal

The Nupe Empire Team in line with its commitment through citizens’ journalism to provide a platform for the promotion of Nupe cultural values and norms and project its people for inclusive societal integration and cohesion will be featuring a weekly column where opinions, perspectives and ideas bordering on issues that affects KinNupe.

In addition, its people will be holistically discussed with a view to proffering workable solutions to the lingering societal problems; from lack of awareness and orientation to poor governance and dearth of visionary leadership, women and their place in the society, girl child education and a host of other pertinent issues that affects the progress of KinNupe will be dissected by public affairs analysts and opinion molders whose knowledge of the terrain is top-notch and will upscale concerted efforts towards achieving a truly democratic and egalitarian society.

This is borne out of our commitment to serve you better and we are upbeat our audience will find this onerous task worthwhile.

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