The participation of women in the political process has received a major boost in recent years with more women aspiring for various elective positions and taking their rightful places in societal integration and nation building. 

Mariam Nnafatima Imam, born into the humble family of Alhaji Sule Ndana Imam (Waziri Tsaragi) in the late 1980s has joined the growing number of these women who, tired of the stereotypes, are breaking the bias and taking the future in their own hands. Growing up as a little girl, Nnafatima had shown glimpses of brilliance and could be foretold to have a promising future ahead of her. And staying true to her destiny and calling, she has demonstrated strong leadership capacity since the very first time she stepped into the world of endless opportunities and she has since then, never looked back. nd nation building. 

In a world where gender disparities have relegated the women folk to the backseat, the Tsaragi born Medical and Research Scientist of proven pedigrees has distinguished herself and proved her mettle in measures beyond imagination. She became one of the youngest graduates from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where she obtained her first degree in Biological Sciences in 2009 at age 20! 

Nnafatima is a true definition of brains and brawn for a girl of her age to have achieved such a remarkable feat without blemishes, a truly African Queen indeed. 

Passionate and determined to satisfy her insatiable quest for academic excellence, the ABU Zaria graduate proceeded to the University of East London in the United Kingdom for her Master’s degree in Biotechnology with Distinction as she has invariably done, between 2011 and 2012 having completed the one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps which she undertook at the Federal Ministry of Land and Housing between 2010 and 2011. 

Beaming with confidence and in the right state of mind, accompanied with inspiring,  never ceasing support from her parents;  keen intelligence and unerring candor spurred Nnafatima to advance her dream of becoming an accomplished woman in the academics and she was cocksure the only thing that could stop her was her own self. Her lifetime ambition of pursuing a career in academics is no coincidence, she has always performed exceptionally well, coming top of her class on numerous occasions. 

She took her ambition to where ambitions hardly stood out especially for the girl child when in 2013 she enrolled for another Master’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. As she has always done, she performed excellently well and came out with a Distinction in 2017  from the Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA. All these accomplishments were recorded before she clocked thirty. And at this point in her career, she became a reference point and an inspiration for the younger generations of women and girls who had been hindered from aspiring for professional career goals. 

Two postgraduate degrees in her kitty at  a relatively young age, the enterprising scientist not relenting on her oars took the biggest step in her career by enlisting immediately after her second Master’s Degree for a Doctorate Degree program in Cell and Molecular Biology at the same Cleveland State University, Ohio. Rising through the ranks to the pinnacle of the teaching profession is no mean feat for the girl child whose place in the society is always in question.

Mariam Nnafatima defied all the barriers that have kept the women folks in their comfort zones and restricted their opportunities. Her exploits in academics haven’t gone unnoticed with the women in the grassroots drawing huge inspiration from her accomplishments and milestones.

She has over the last couple of years been actively involved in community development advocacy and women empowerment through massive awareness and sensitization for gender equality and inclusion. She is a frontline advocate of girl child education in line with her belief that the education of the girl child is important to building a prosperous nation where peace and unity shall reign. She has consistently lent her voice to the prevailing concerns of child trafficking where the girl child is an easy target for all forms of social injustice.

Against this backdrop, Mariam Nnafatima has expressed her passionate desire to use a larger platform to advance the cause of women, girls and the youths whose participation in the democratic process is key to achieving a truly democratic and egalitarian society. These and many more reasons should give Nnafatima the opportunity to serve the next Assembly in Kwara state where she will bring to bear her competence and capacity in especially making emphatic cases on issues bordering on women and youths.

Impeccable character, strong leadership capacity, proven track record of integrity, consummate professional and a thorough Nupe breed through and through, Mariam Nnafatima is prepared to redefine legislative governance and representation and all we could do to make this happen is to support her aspiration to birth a new beginning for Edu State Constituency at the Kwara State House of Assembly.

Happily married and blessed with two lovely kids, NnaFatima understands the cultural values of the people she wishes to represent while upholding these values with all sense of sincerity and responsibility.

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