Kwara 2023: Kwara North; the Unbroken Tie

By Mohammed Haruna Likpata

It is not too early nor too much of a time to keep us awake of our collective desire to achieve a common goal. Promises that we are one and we are always together during the hard times. Promises that were fulfilled to test our faith and trust of our unity that we all preached. Unbroken promises are tests of loyalty that we all promised to fulfill. Promises that nothing could ever break us because our struggles were never personal nor wear a double face. In life, we seek, we fight, and win. And sometimes we seek, we fight, and lose. Either way there are wisdoms and lots of lessons to learn.

The character of a man is tested by his words in fulfillment. Actions are not acted upon until our words become our bond.

Today’s opinion seeks to understand the need for urgency to reawaken the spirit of yesterday in our leaders. The spirit they all engaged in during the hard times of our agitations to get parties to Zone their Governorship ticket to Kwara North. The spirit of one United Kwara North. You have all done well. You all fought across party lines to agitate, to achieve the greatest hope and opportunity that befall Kwara North today to produce a Governor from this part of the state for all Kwarans.

During the agitations to get the ticket, I recalled very much of a non-partisan personality from Kwara Central and he said to me that he is fully supporting this struggle despite his sympathy for APC in 2019 because the agitations were with one identity. That Your struggle was with one voice. Your struggles was with everything you have and have put into it. This is the time for you all to consolidate on your past efforts. This is the time you all need to come together under the same umbrella to fulfill your words of bondship. You all owe the younger generations, and that promise has to be kept and fulfilled by working together.

During the agitations to get the ticket, I recalled very much of a non-partisan personality from Kwara Central and he said to me that he is fully supporting this struggle despite his sympathy for There is a total departure from the past, where the big parties both the ruling and the main opposition party in Kwara state will consider Kwara North. Today, it is history and a big decision was made because you all fought for a common interest. I saw the zeal in all of you. I saw the enthusiasm that was being pushed across party lines. I saw the strengths and myths you all wore to get parties to Zone their Governorship ticket to Kwara North. Only one party listened and considered your interest. The Peoples Democratic party (PDP) zoned their Governorship ticket to Kwara North. This is your first test. You all have won by the glory of God and through the leaders of the party (PDP) in Kwara state.

To our leaders, the young and the old, politicians and the likes that fought hard through a democratic process to achieve this, has a sole responsibility to keep and sustain your characters for the bigger battle and to coast to victory come 2023 under the same high spirits. You cannot celebrate achievements you do not desire to conquer. You all still have a lot to do and put your toes on the ground. Winning the 2023 general elections is your number one goal. This can only be achieved if your earlier spirit and energy is never dying. Posterity will ask you what did you do with yesterday you fought for and was given? Tomorrow will demand more from you because yesterday was given to you.

All these are hopes kept in mind as we approach the 2023 campaigns. This is the time for you all to stand up and work together in unity like you did before. This is the time you all need to search your conscience not to lose your guards. This is the time that you all need to reflect that your actions are being watched by the younger generations. And this is the time you all have to reach out to every part of the state to solicit their support. Kwara North deserves to be given the opportunity to serve the state tremendously and contribute her quota in the developments and overall interest of the citizens and our unity in the State. This is the time we forge ahead and drop our differences and match on to victory.

Your dreams are not fulfilled yet, until you achieve your number one goal of becoming the next Governor of Kwara state come 2023. Issues will never disappear overnight. You cannot succeed if you do not have differences to resolve that could even make you stronger. Success only comes from hard work, and you can only succeed if you have only participated in good conscience. You have all taken the glory to have secured your confidence in PDP to have zoned their governorship ticket to Kwara North. What more could you have asked for than to come together and push harder than you all did to get the Peoples Democratic Party Governorship ticket.

I want to appeal to you all, the Kwara Northerners as you read through this opinion, that your unity regardless of your party in support of this Zone is not out of place. Generations to come can only be happy, when the leaders are interdependent on the history they met. You all need to secure what belongs to all of us. You need to close all ranks to win this battle. There is no gain to air your voice and snow it in the air. History will recount and remind you tomorrow. Leaders are called upon all over the world by keeping to their words of conscience. We must all come together for this common purpose. It is not about who is wearing the shoe. It is not about what matters to you alone, but what matters to your generations to come. It is about the future that nobody can consider as mine or yours. It has to be for you and for me for us all to succeed together.

We have an opportunity in our hands. We don’t have to always play it our own way. We have to give and take back. Drop your party egotism. Drop the fantasy of what we see today. Drop the words you have in the public to negotiate with for you alone. Think about the future of this part of the State and grow your unity. Think about the slimmest opportunity that comes and shouldn’t slip away. Politics has no tomorrow. We have to walk through today to see tomorrow. Think about what you need and never get it at the time you wanted it because such an opportunity never avail to you. Politics is not always played by choice. Sometimes you have to sieve through your mind and thoughts to get your hands together for history to be fair to you.

It is normal that sometimes interest will cloud us. It is also okay to think and play safe of what is before you. But what is before you can take away years from you of what you needed for years to come. We all have to reflect and personify ourselves. This is just an opinion to remind everyone that politics all over the world is being played through three things; your communities, the timing and the people. If we must understand the debate of 24years of democracy by 2023 without Kwara North being a Governor, we would be safe to think of no better time than now. Remain blessed.

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