KWANDCO visits Olododo and Akaje, Seeks Partnership.

Kwara North Development Council paid a courtesy visit to the Kwara State Social Investment Programme (KWASSIP) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Technology. Discuss, share ideas and suggestions on the need to ensure that the North is adequately captured in the activities of the agency/ ministry understanding, its peculiarities and areas of comparative advantage with a sense of equity. The engagement with the Acting Manager (KWASSIP), Hon. Olododo Qowiyu and Hon Ibrahim Akaje, the Commissioner for Enterprise, Innovation and Technology respectively, were incisive and beneficial.

Mallam Ahmed Mohammed, the Deputy chairman of the council at introduction spoke on the existence of KWANDCO to bridge the gap of communication between it’s people of the North extraction of kwara and government at all levels, seek progressive partnership through consultative engagement that will bring about the needed infrastructural interventions for development, advocate for good governance and demand for equal opportunities with a fair balance in allocation of resources. The deputy chairman reiterated council efforts to bring development to its people using a diplomatic approach mechanism.

“Today is a testimony of how we can be collectively responsible and proactive. Use our minds and eyes to see what is currently being done in the positive to our people and region, understanding what the future holds for us by the measure of the foundation being made at the moment with the successes recorded. Perhaps, we are not yet there, but with this beginning can only imagine the more to come “.

The chairman of the Council, Cmr Jerry M. Kolo in his remarks appreciate the wisdom of Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq over the unprecedented and probably unmatched Youths and women inclusiveness in governance and critical decision making process that provide opportunities for the both of Olododo and Akaje to make input productively as well impact. He congratulated the duo, while advising them not to take the privilege for granted by being proactive and result oriented.

“We are seeing the new positive narration in kwara and glad to be actively involved as partners in the run to bridge the gap of the age long deprivation and neglect witnessed by our people and region. We are glad to be seeing the restoration of our remote communities that were once left to decadence by the previous government. Have we gotten it all…not. yet! The incumbent government has graciously enlarged our privileges and improved our lots all round.”

Ag GM, Hon Olododo was pleased with the Councils visitation while reiterating his readiness to partner with the Council. Besides taking the Kwandco team through some insight and approaches of the social agency. That the councils demand for equity and fairness is being part of their operational watchword, but pledge to improve on it by ensuring the platform get available information that will promote mutual understanding and avoiding misinformation by some mischief makers.

Hon. Ibrahim Akaje described Mallam Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman as first the masses’ friends rather than the elitist syndrome. That, the governor prefers to be for and with the people against all odds. He went further taking the council through the bigger picture represented by the government of his excellency by listing the ongoing projects such as the garment factory, the visual arts center, the innovation hub and others that will provide better opportunities, reduce unemployment as well as improve, by creating new revenue windows.

Kwandco Chairman, Jerry Majin Kolo making a case for the council during the visit

“Today is the testimony of how we can use our brain and eyes to see what the future holds because we are not yet there, this is just the beginning”, he said.

Kwandco Chairman Cmr Jerry M. Kolo in his closing remark reiterated the council’s resolve to be proactive and supportive to the government by offering the needful advice, identifying challenges, providing alternative views, ideas, and suggestions using the dynamics of its internal mechanism. We as a council will be very blunt to issues while channeling our position to the appropriate quarters. We won’t be instrumental for destructive criticism and as well won’t compromise the development of our region on the altar of inequity. We will press forward as partners especially in recognition of the passion with which the governor is pushing high by improving on our critical infrastructure challenges and wiping away from our eyes the age long sad tears of insensitive and reckless neglect. We will encourage the governor to leverage on more to our comparative advantage in the area of agricultural value chain process.

“We have now been reconnected to the mainstream of progress after the long term of disconnect occasioned by the previous government “. We have not got it all that we ask for and seek, but can’t ever be ungrateful for what has been done, is being done and hopefully be done for us as a people and region”, he said.

Thereafter, prayers were offered for the success of Mallam AbdulRazaq administration and his team of leadership.

Samuel Isaiah Mayaki Deputy Publicity Secretary

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