The workers at the multimillion dollars Lafiagi Sugar Refinery owned by one of the leading indigenous manufacturing companies, Bua Group have been involved in a thug of war with the management of the company over their wages and other entitlements.

The group of artisans numbering about forty (40) had held series of meetings with the management of the company over several grievances ranging from lack of provision of personal protective equipment, access to healthcare and most importantly, a pay rise. The artisans; welders and fabricators, erectors and fitters said they resume for duty 7:00am and close by 6:00pm.

Considering the economic realities of the country, they revealed how difficult it has been for them to keep up with the demanding nature of the jobs while also catering for their respective families from the meagre wages they are being paid which they lamented has made life difficult for them.

It will be recalled that the laborers had staged a protest at the construction site, shutting down operations about a fortnight ago in reaction to the uninspiring and not too convincing response by the management team of Bua Lasuco who have been reported to have threatened some of the dissenting voices amongst the laborers to either stop instigating other workers by jettisoning their demand for increment in wages or face dismissal from the company.

The artisans reiterated their commitment to working with the company but in the same vain called on community leaders and all other relevant stakeholders to prevail over the management to re-consider their position and effect their demands of pay rise, provision of protective equipment and access to quality and affordable healthcare.  

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