Alhaji Mustapha Abdulkadir Bida “DANGI”   (1946-2001)

Alhaji Mustapha Abdulkadir Bida “DANGI”  

– Ahmed Usman

Alh. Mustapha AbdulKadir Bida was born and brought up in Bida. He was opportune like many of his contemporaries to be enrolled in the Elementary School as it was called back then where he first had contact with western education after the traditional Quranic studies popularly called “KARATUN KATAMBA

The young Mustapha AbdulKadir was enrolled at Sabon Gida Primary School in Bida between 1955-1960. Passionate about western education most importantly as Nigeria had just attained self government, assurance of a promising future for young prospects of northerner extraction became more glaring, he proceeded to Commercial College in Zaria where he spent the next three years between 1961-1964 acquiring the basics that would later prepared him for life’s endless challenges especially in the business world.

“DANGI” as he would later be known, valued education and relentlessly pursued academic excellence. After his time at the Commercial College in Zaria, he trained at the famous Federal Training College Kaduna between 1964-1967.

Having gone through a rigorous training process at different stages of development in his career, the young man from Bida, fortified with the requisite expertise in the business environment was offered a job at Kingsway Chemists where he spent a year between 1968-1969. He contributed to the growth of the company and not long after that, got a job placement with West African Drugs.

He was with West African Drugs, a leading pharmaceutical industry between 1969-1974. “DANGI” served the company diligently in different capacities, bringing to bear on the company his managerial and administrative experience. The value he added to the company in terms of growth being a committed team player with progressive working experience cannot be overemphasized.

Alh. Mustapha AbdulKadir Bida’s training at the Commercial College in Zaria would later influenced his career path as he ventured into business with special interest in pharmaceuticals owing to his experiences in the industry having worked for/with some of the earliest reputable pharmaceutical companies in the northern part and proved his mettle.

The enterprising Mustapha DANGI followed his instincts, trusting his managerial prowess and banking on his entrepreneurial skills established what would later be the largest pharmaceutical company in Northern Nigeria. Drawing inspiration from the success of his previous engagements, he founded “DANGI” Pharmacy  in 1975 in the largest commercial city in the North, Kano.

It was from Kano the company spread its reach to other parts of the North being the first major pharmaceutical company in Northern Nigeria. His financial prudence and managerial competence and capacity was a major driving force behind the company’s success; within a few years of its establishment, the company grew into a conglomerate with branches in major towns and cities across Northern Nigeria thanks to  the efficient and effective leadership skills of the founder, Mustapha DANGI.

DANGI Pharmacy is today a household name in major cities in Northern Nigeria with its Head office in Kano and branches in places such as Zaria, Minna, Bida etc. Pharmacy has evolved overtime and the management has widened its horizon with subsidiaries in different sectors of the economy. Such subsidiary companies include AbdulKadir Pharmacy, Muaisha Stationery, Gandu Agroallied, Almu Memorial Hospital and Dangi Travels.

Alh. Mustapha AbdulKadir Bida was a typical Nupe man who valued family ties. Infact, DANGI, the company’s name was coined as a result of his generosity, kindness and support to his immediate and extended family members. The word DANGI means relative. His house in Kano in those days was a point of convergence for the Nupe speaking population in Kano. The household was a beehive of activities as students and the working class visited unhindered irrespective of creed or background. A thorough Nupe breed through and through!

His generosity and selfless service to humanity through the company’s corporate social responsibility manifested when his company was recognised with “the golden mercury of African award for distinguished contributions to African economic development” by the Voice of Africa, London in 1986. A worthy recognition!

DANGI Pharmacy grew in size because of his exemplary leadership quality. His staff welfare was topmost, he never took their contributions for granted and this enhanced productivity and 0llllefficiency of the management which in turn increased the company’s net worth. He was a philanthropist par excellence. The company became a household name in Kano because of his simplicity and humility, his relationship with all and sundry was cordial. He had friends across all stratas of society, no discrimination.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the economic growth and development of the ancient city of Kano, where the first DANGI pharmaceutical company was launched, a multi-billion Naira 3 in 1 roundabout project has been named after the business tycoon. DANGI Pharmacy is located directly opposite the state of the art roundabout which makes it easier for people in the neighbourhood whenever they give descriptions. The roundabout is called “DANGI Roundabout”.

Mustapha DANGI has rightly been honoured by Kano state  government for his generosity, kindness, humility and fair dealings all through his lifetime. He led a life worthy of emulation. He was a father to all, friend to his children and succour to the downtrodden in the society.

We salute his forthrightness and resilience, his humility and uncommon commitment to excellence. A good ambassador of the Nupe Nation, nineteen years later, the memories are still as fresh as ever and they shall remain ever green because of the exemplary life he led. He still enters into the consciousness of his family and beneficiaries of philanthropic gestures through his legacies. 

A man of impeccable character, unassuming courage and an appealing persona. Mustapha DANGI distinguished himself in his chosen career and left an indelible impression on the minds of everyone who crossed his path, a rare gentleman who defied the challenges of his humble beginnings and carved a niche for himself

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